• 10/09/2015

    Alphonso rewards top honors at Liberty Global TechSummit 2015 TV Appathon

    Liberty Global is the largest International Cable Company, connecting over 1 million households with set-top boxes. The goal of the Appathon is to encourage app developers to imagine and build the future of TV and the delivery and consumption of content. Alphonso was one of the technology partners at the Appathon and the Alphonso SDK was available for developers to use and build products and services in the Appathon.

    Two teams, Team Sloaf and Team Trifork that used the Alphonso SDK won top honors at the hackathon.

    Team Sloaf showed they can ID a BMW ad which launches an offer on the mobile phone to get a test drive. If you want the test drive, a call to your closet dealer is initiated and you can set up the test. The concept is to get the viewer involved in the moment.

    Team Trifork allows uses phone to detect ads, when ad is detected the STB performs a squeeze back with the ad in the corner and shows your favorite YouTube content running in the full screen. The concept is to deliver something relevant to the viewer.

    Through this Appathon, developers utilized the power of Alphonso to unleash the potential of the set-top box to build products and services that provide a win-win to the consumer, the service provider as well as the advertiser.